retrato victor bellomnt

Something about him.

Víctor Bellmont lives and works in Madrid, but with his caravan he lives anywhere else sometimes.

He studied engineering and has been devoted to his beloved apps design and development studio. There he deals with problems in many ways, but what really motivates him is solving problems with images and illustrations. And that is why he has been professionalizing his passion the last two years and drawing this new path.

Recently he studied with great illustrators at Escuela Minúscula illustration school in Madrid.

In addition, he is color blind and has a black greyhound.


Awards and recognitions:

«Apila’s 2021 First Printing International Award», among 12 finalists, 2021

dPictus «The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 3», selected, 2021



«Gráfica Combativa», APIM, 2021

«Exposición de finalistas del Premio Apila 2021», School of Design of Aragón, 2021